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A car accident is a stressful experience. Most chauffeurs who experience one will find themselves in a state of shock and not sure of what to do.

While nobody plans to enter into an accident, these things do take place. There is a likelihood you may need to make a car insurance claim. Anyway, you will certainly have to educate your car insurance provider concerning the accident.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is compulsory for all vehicle owners to have third party insurance. This general insurance policy is often known as “Act only.”

Many accidents do occur and plenty of drivers have their own stories to tell when they are behind the wheel. But drivers are often confused about what to do when they are on the other side of the collision.

This is the most basic insurance that every vehicle owner must own. It confirms the persons’ fault in the event of an accident that covers all the damages to 3rd party-bodily and property damage.

Here are some tips & information

To file an accident claim, there are certain rules you must follow according to the MCF or Motor Claims Framework. You must report the accident even minor ones included.

Do I need to make a police report for a car accident?

Ensure the police have confirmed the third party’s fault before filing for the claim. A police report will be needed. If you need to use your car, for the time being, you can send it for repairs, but you will have to pay for that from your pocket.

Follow these steps to make a 3rd party claim:

1. Make sure to get all the essential information:

Exchange all the needed information after the accident because you will need it to file the claim.

Get all this information:

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • The insurers and the policy numbers
  • Full names

2. Take pictures

It’s essential to collect as much evidence as you can. To support your claim, take photos of the damage to your car, the other person’s vehicle, and even the area around, also if you can get witnesses to get testimonies, even better.

Keep a record of the following:

  • Colour, make as well as the version of all the automobiles included.
  • The day and time of the accident.
  • A summary of climate condition, the state of the roadway as well as any road illumination.
  • A checklist of damages done to any lorries as well as residential or commercial property.
  • Details of any type of injuries like whiplash to pedestrians, vehicle drivers, and also passengers.

3. Speak to your insurer and report the accident

According to the MOF, it is necessary to report all accidents, whether minor or major, within 24 hours. It is an obligation, and there are no excuses accepted because there is a 24 hours hotline.

Call up your insurer and ask for a tow truck or any other questions to which you might want to know the answers. If you don’t submit the claim within 24 hours, not only will you not get the claim, there are chances of your insurer canceling your policy.

4. Talk to the third party’s insurer and arrange for an inspection before repairs

Arrange a meeting with their insurer to inspect your vehicle. They will have about two days to check it before you send it for repairs. Don’t send the vehicle for repairs until they are finished and have sent the documentation to cover the repair costs.

There are two different options for filing the claim, which depends on if it’s confirmed that the driver is at fault. Take your car to their Approved Reporting Centre or Authorised Workshop for needed repairs only if the person’s fault is confirmed.

If it isn’t, you will need to contact your insurer to help you cooperate with the other party’s insurer.

5. Do not admit any type of obligation, either in composing or vocally at this phase.

This is since if you admit obligation for the accident as well as it turns out that you are not to blame, it could complicate the car insurance procedure.

6. Don’t relocate your car unless needed, especially if there are accidents entailed.

7. Proceed with the repairs after the inspection

If the 3rd party’s fault is confirmed, you will have to pay for the repairs yourself first. However, if the error is accepted, you can go ahead with repairs, and the workshop will send in your claim to cover the costs. Make sure to follow these steps and make your claim on time to avoid any losses.

Can my insurance provider help me to submit the claim?

As an industry practice, an insurer will not help you with that.

You are encouraged to lodge a damages claim under your very own policy. After you have been indemnified, your motor insurance firm will begin healing versus the third party’s insurer if it can be verified that the driver is completely accountable for the accident.

If healing is effective, your insurer will certainly not dock your claim discount rate the following revival.

Can the GIA aid claimants who encounter difficulties when filing damages claims with 3rd party motor insurance firms?

The GIA can only assist plaintiffs by supplying guidance and also directions on what they can do or where they can look for recourse under such conditions.

They do not provide mediation services between customers and their participant firms. Instead, plaintiffs should approach the insurer worried directly, or the Financial Market Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd (FIDReC).

Why does the claim cost so high regardless of the car looking in good condition?

  • High claim prices could be as a result of among the complying with factors:
  • There might be covert damage not visible externally.
  • Harmed things are changed rather than fixed for more recent vehicles.
  • The repair work prices, the claim prices can consist of lawful charges, loss of use, and also 3rd party study fees.

If I have made a claim, how can I ensure that my claim is settled faster?

Usually, 3rd party damage cases are worked out within six months. For even more intricate instances, the insurance company will need even more time for investigations.

You can assist in accelerating the processing time by supplying the necessary supporting evidence to the insurance provider:

photo of an accident report

  • Both the accident report and a police report
  • Info regarding the accident scene, consisting of pictures, video clips as well as other proof.
  • Any other documents as supporting evidence.
  • You may call the insurer included to follow up on the condition of your claim. It is most likely that the insurance company is checking out the case prior to determining if the processing time goes beyond the usual period.

Learning more details concerning the negotiation sum of the claim versus a 3rd party

You might call your designated rep. They will certainly be able to supply you with details of the settlement amount.

Should you make a claim?

photo of a mechanic repairing auto wheels

You might be asking yourself whether you really require to lodge a claim. The general recommendation is that if the damages to your car involve a considerable amount, then clearly you must do so. If the quantity is not considerable, then you might intend to bear the cost yourself.

The major factors to consider right here are whether lodging a claim will certainly hike up your premiums and whether it will affect your claim discount rate. On the occasion that your premiums are raised significantly, you may desire to go shopping for a new car insurance plan.

There is an excellent opportunity you might require to make a car accident claim. You are encouraged to lodge a damage claim under your very own policy. Your insurance company will not dock your claim discount NCD under your own insurance policy at the following revival if healing is effective.

What if I have a dispute with the third party insurance company?

On the occasion that you experience a dispute when filing a claim, you can call FIDReC’s hotline or email them. Please keep in mind to give the FIDReC all info pertinent to your issue, including your name, call numbers, the specifics of your issue, and all supporting papers.

Before making any claim, make certain that the other party’s mistake is verified by the police record.

Even accidents with minor or no car damage, or situations where you desire to settle without making a  claim, have to be reported within 24 hours.

Get in touch with the other party’s insurance firm and allow them to inspect your automobile’s damage before sending it for fixing.